Author: Margarita McGahan

How to Apply for a Loan in the Act?

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Processing an on-the-spot loan within the banking system requires being a client of an entity, since all the banks carry out a credit analysis in their commercial credit lines, as a step prior to granting, which reviews certain factors, such as, for example, the level of income, if the client is informed in central of […]

What are the Options for Loans for Public Employees?

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Loans today are something demanded by the most varied sectors of society, who work in private areas, public employees, independent workers, retirees, pensioners, among others. And is that having an extra money often allows us to achieve or meet those goals we set, whether studying a master or paying a course at the university, making […]

What Loans for Municipal Employees are Available?

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We will detail below some of the loan options especially designed for municipal employees: The Bank offers personal loans with a fixed rate for those who work for the municipality. It is a loan that is easy to take out, agile and requires minimum requirements. It is addressed to all employees of the public administration of […]

Analysis of various solutions to get out of debt

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Personal bankruptcy, a solution to settle your debts ? Personal bankruptcy is a legal means that allows you to have no more commitment to your creditors and thus eliminate the bulk of your debts. We owe this legal way of debt resolution to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. You can resort to personal bankruptcy when […]

Payday Lenders

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Rog in early 2006 as a place where ordinary people can go to borrow and borrow money. On credit, we’ve been in the finance industry this year and we appreciate how hard it is for the banks to give a loan to a bad credit profile customer. Other retail banking products are personal loans, training […]

Unicaja Banco offers a line of loans to anticipate agricultural aid from the CAP and for young farmers

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The Junta de AndalucĂ­a and the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha in the processing of agricultural and livestock aid of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) so it offers a specific campaign to its clients with advantages and experience for the advice, management and personalized processing in its file of request of aid, as well as the […]